Solar Lifecycle
Developed an application that manages the entire lifecycle of getting an individual or business setup with solar. The application allows sales personnel to sell to individuals and businesses. It interfaces to over 100 lenders keeping track of what has been borrowed and paid. The application interfaces to a customer ERP system that the parts distributor owns so that all equipment and materials needed for the solar job are tracked.

Built reporting for all of the solutions we have developed using Power BI. Power BI objects (workspaces, data sources, datasets, dataflows, reports, pages, dashboards, apps). Data sources (SQL Server databases, MySQL, PostgresSQL, flat files (csv, xlsx)).

1 Dental
B2C website under the URL This website allows us to resell a dental discount plan to prospects all over the United States.

1 Dental Mobile
A mobile application that was built to support customers who signed up for our 1dental discount plan on This mobile application allows the customer to self-service themselves.

2 Dental
B2C website under URLs other than, for example These websites allow us to resell a dental discount plan to prospects all over the United States.

Contact Center Portal
Portal that was built for our inbound/outbound call center to sell our dental discount plans to prospects. It is a portal built on Azure that interfaces with Amazon Connect which is a cloud based call center platform from AWS.

Dental Enroll
A portal that houses the check out functionality for our 1 dental, 2 dental and contact center portal selling sites.

Displays FAS
Quoting portal that was built to give quotes on the storage and movement of high value art.

Broker/Group Sites and Portals
This application allows brokers and our company to resell a dental discount plan to prospective individual and groups all over the United States. This application consists of 2 websites: a broker individual selling site and a group selling site. The applications also consists of 2 portals: a broker admin portal and a group admin portal. The sites and portals generate their own subdomains.

Launch Loyalty
An admin portal that dentists could use to build a custom website that allowed them to sell our dental discount plans that appeared to be the dentists’ custom discount dental plans. That website would be used to direct current or new customers to buy the dental discount plans.

My 1 Dental Portal
A website application that was built to support customers who signed up for our dental discount plan on  This mobile application allows the customer to self-service themselves.

Talent Insights Portal
SaaS that was built for companies to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of people they were hiring or employees. Users also have an admin portal where they can manage the people they’ve had take the test.

Talent Insights API
API of the test portion. Users can consume the test part through an API and build their own front end and portal.

Gunite Transportation
An application that allows a gunite trucking company to keep track of all their drivers, trucks, maintenance on those trucks, licenses on drivers, licenses on trucks, how many miles a truck drives in each state, how much is spent on fuel. This application's greatest asset is when department of transporation agents come into a trucking company to do an audit of their trucks and drivers.

Pool Sales and Building Tracker
Allows a pool builder to track prospects and customers, allows them to keep track of customer payments, allows them to keep track of where they are at in the build process and keep track of work item tickets for repairs or to dos that need to be done.

Transportation Workers Union Roster (TWU Locals - for airline unions specifically related to American Airlines)
Allows a local union to keep track of general information on all their members, roster information, long term disability information, dues, grievances that members log. Also allows members to log into union meetings and keeps track of their attendance. This is an intranet site but it also has an internet site for members to log into and update their own information and see their attendance and dues.

Dance Studio Registration and Payment
Allows a studio to have their clients/students sign up for dance classes and make payments for those classes and make ongoing payments for those classes.

Shift Bid (for Unions at American Airlines)
Automates the shift bidding for union workers. Basically it allows union members to log in and choose different schedules for the quarter and prioritize those schedules. It then compares to all other union members based on their schedules and ranks by seniority who gets what as most senior people get the first choice. This is currently a paper process for all of american airlines.

Airplane Maintenance Tracking
Application let a maintenance manager view all his mechanics he had on call, the current jobs they were working, who was available to assign new jobs to and the system would send text messages to the mechanic telling him about the job.

Truck Broker Application
Help you keep track of customers, trucks, loads, how much money your making off your loads, keeps track of everything a truck broker, truck company or manufacturer that ships goods would need.

Sports competition tracking
Allows a group of people to compete in a sporting competition (mainly triathlon) against each other and keep track of how they are progressing. Users can log their progress and others can see how everyone is progressing so it keeps it competitive. Allows users to enter the swim, bike and run distances and allows others to see how everyone is doing graphically. In the example we created, it was for a group of people to do the triathlon distances and events in the matter of a month, we call it the lazy man triathlon.

Hospice equipment rentals - ordering, order tracking and order delivery
Hospitals will have patients that are terminally ill. They will usually send these patients to a care facility or their home to be more comfortable. They will contract a Hospice company to take care of all the details. The hospice company will usually call a hospice equipment rental company to order equipment the patient needs (wheel chairs, hospital beds, IV poles, walkers, etc.). This application would be owned by the hospice equipment rental company. It allows the hospice company to order equipment online and helps the hospice equipment rental company handle these orders, deliver the orders and communicate status of the orders back to the hospice company.

Waste Container Tracking
Keeps track of all waste containers owned by a company (in this case the big metal ones that sit out behind companies), the customer that owns them, the money being made on them, the maintenance to do with them, that quality of shape they are in.

Mortgage/Title Application
This application farmed the MLS for real estate agents, what company they were with, what company did they just move to, how much sells had they done, what houses did they sell, what houses did they list, who were top performers overall, by subdivision, by zip code, how much were houses selling for in neighborhoods, what were the foreclosures around DFW.

Sports Pick Sheet
Allows a guy that thinks he is hot on picking sports bet to sell his picks on line. A user can log on see some information about this guy picking games, see what his record has been lately, see the games he is going to pick and decide if he wants to purchase a pick from this guy. If he does he pays for the pick online and the pick is emailed to him as well as if he has an account on the site he can see all his picks and purchases.